Vaughan Pest Control: Prevent Bees From Ruining Your BBQ With These Tips

Vaughan Pest Control: Prevent Bees From Ruining Your BBQ With These Tips

Warm weather and blooming flowers create the perfect environment for a garden party. However, humans aren’t the only ones out and about — bees are also busy and may drop in on your weekend barbecue. While these helpful pollinators don’t mean any harm, they can accidentally cause panic and may sting someone instinctually. To avoid calling bee pest control in Vaughan in the middle of your shindig, follow these bee-repelling tips.

Consider the Colour Palette

Bees have a very limited colour perception, so they’re only attracted to certain hues. They can see yellows, greens and blues quite well, while whites, oranges and reds appear black or as non-entities. They can also perceive ultraviolet light, which is electromagnetic radiation produced by the sun. This unique perception allows bees to easily find flowers for nectar gathering.

Unfortunately, flowers aren’t the only objects sporting these colours. Wearing shades of yellow, green and blue can attract bees to your person; decorations in these hues may have a similar effect. Floral prints, while on theme for a garden party, can pose the same problem.

Store Food in Sealable Containers

Colours aren’t the only thing that draws bees — scents are another major factor, especially anything sweet. Flowers produce sweet-smelling nectar, signalling to bees that there’s a food source nearby. Unfortunately, sugary syrups and drinks have similar smells. Some people try to use this to their advantage by setting up bowls of sugar water far away from their events, but this can backfire and draw more pests (such as ants) to your property.

A better approach is to store food inside your house until it’s time to eat. Then, put it in sealable containers and ensure everyone replaces the lids between servings. Doing so will also keep your dishes safe from birds and flies.

Stash Trash Responsibly

Sweet smells don’t disappear just because the items are in the garbage. Bees may congregate around trash cans, attracted to the scent of half-drunk soda. One way to keep these pollinators away is to store trash inside. That can get understandably inconvenient during large parties, so if you decide to keep the garbage can outside, remember to use odour-eliminating bags and sealable bins. It’s also a good idea to keep trash receptacles away from the dining and socializing areas.

Separate Food From Gathering Place

When planning your cookout, create a clearly designated dining area separate from the patio, backyard furniture and other places where people may socialize. Let your guests know they’re welcome to eat as much as they want, but they shouldn’t take food or beverages away from the dining space.

You can also take steps to discourage bees from getting too close to seating areas. For example, bees avoid certain smells:

  • Mint
  • Cloves
  • Marigolds

You can find essential oils or candles in these scents and place them around your deck or patio to create a bee-free zone. Bees also dislike the smell of dryer sheets and mothballs, so try these if you don’t want to make an extra shopping trip for bee-repelling candles.

Finally, ask guests not to wear perfume with floral notes. These attract bees as surely as the actual flowers, turning one person into a bee magnet.

It’s a good idea to hire residential pest control before an outdoor party so you can focus on having fun instead of worrying about unwanted guests. Truly Nolen Canada can assist with bee and wasp removal, as well as treatments for ants, termites and other bugs. In addition to kicking pests to the curb, we can help you prevent new infestations by sealing potential entrances. For more information, give us a call or visit us online.