Vaughan Pest Control: Preventing Rats At Your Outdoor Party This Summer

Vaughan Pest Control: Preventing Rats At Your Outdoor Party This Summer

When warmer weather arrives in Vaughan, you probably look forward to gathering friends and family in the backyard, patio or deck for barbeques and casual get-togethers. Still, you may not realize that your outdoor activities could also invite rats onto your property. These clever rodents are highly adaptable, but we at Truly Nolen are ready to assist you with rat control in Vaughan and offer a few tips that may help keep rats away from your home during the summer.

1. Keep a Clean Yard 

Rats make their nests in clutter and trash piles and will not hesitate to make a comfortable home in your yard if they find these favourable conditions. Old piles of wood or discarded building materials may attract rats if they also find nearby food and water. You can discourage rats from nesting in your yard by cleaning up clutter, storing large piles of wood off the ground, such as on a palette, and trimming your grass and tree branches so rats have few places to hide and cannot access your home’s roof.

2. Keep Your Back Patio Food-Free 

As you plan a gathering, you might wonder, “What is the best way to control rats and keep them away from my property?” While the two main species of rats found in the area, black (roof) rats and brown (Norway) rats have several physical differences, food smells and leftover morsels can attract them both in droves.

Keeping a clean patio can discourage rats from helping themselves to leftover BBQ, such as discarded meat fat and bones. After a gathering, clearing your patio of dishes, cleaning and storing your grill and wiping down surfaces with a disinfectant may cause rats to forage elsewhere.

3. Reduce Water Sources 

When rats choose a nesting site, they typically choose one near a reliable water source. A dripping patio faucet or dog dishes full of water can provide plenty of water for a rat family, and adult rats will even help themselves to leftover pet food if they find it.

Limiting water sources on your property can help you discourage rats from nesting there. While you may enjoy having your pet with you during a backyard gathering, emptying pet water bowls and bringing them inside each evening can prevent rodent activity. Check your outdoor faucets for leaks that could provide rats with a consistent water source, as even minor leaks can attract rats to the smell of water.

4. Increase Backyard Lighting 

Rats prefer dark and hidden places to make their nests, and if your backyard lacks a light source, this could encourage them to make a home near a dark outbuilding, such as a shed. You can contribute to rat control in Vaughan by adding patio lights that illuminate the entire yard and eliminate dark places for them to hide.

Call Us for Rat Control in Vaughan 

If you notice evidence of rat activity on your property, you may think to yourself, “Is there rat control near me that offers a variety of solutions to this problem?” Our Truly Nolen pest removal technicians can provide you with an array of services, from property inspection to locating and removing rats to sealing entranceways and paths these rodents often create to food and water sources.

Once our technicians remove any rats and bedding from your property, they can answer questions you might have, including how to keep these rodents from returning. Truly Nolen can provide you with services that protect your property all summer long, such as perimeter treatments and future inspections to ensure these rodents will not return.

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Few sights can ruin a summer gathering more than rat activity around your Vaughan home. Contact us today at Truly Nolen for rat removal and remove these unwanted guests from your property permanently.