Vaughan Pest Control: Why Your Fireplace is Attracting Mice

Why Your Fireplace is Attracting Mice

When the fall and winter temperatures get low, there’s nothing more enjoyable than having a warm fire lit in your home’s fireplace. Unfortunately, your fireplace may also be a point of access for mice to get into your home. With Truly Nolen Canada’s help, you can still experience the warmth of your fireplace without having to let mice inside your home. We specialize in strategic mice removal so you don’t have to worry about the disease and destruction these small critters can cause. Here are some things to know about fireplaces and mice.

Why Fireplaces Attract Mice

In the colder parts of the year, the fireplace may be a warmer refuge from the elements for mice and other small animals. Fireplaces provide four walls of protection from the wind, rain, snow, predators and cold air. 

Mice may be attracted to the residual heat from your fireplace and the sanctuary the space provides. They may also find it easy to get in and out of a fireplace if your chimney has enough space for a small critter to fit.

Eliminate Access

The most important thing you can do to keep rodents from getting inside your fireplace is to eliminate their access. The first solution our technicians may suggest for our clients is to install a chimney cap. Chimney caps can help enclose your chimney and prevent small creatures from getting inside without impeding the airflow of your fireplace.

If you already have a chimney cap installed on your fireplace, there may be another access point that mice may be using to get inside. In that situation, you’ll need to have a professional inspect your chimney for structural damage and gaps. It may also be possible that you could have accidentally left the damper open when not using the fireplace, allowing mice to get in.

Secure Firewood Storage Areas

Fireplace owners may also be inadvertently attracting mice and other rodents with debris. If you store firewood in your yard on in your house, this may be a perfect hiding spot for a mouse. Mice may like to burrow in the warm crevices of your wood pile. If your pile of firewood is inside or close to your home, mice may also be getting inside.

Instead, consider creating an area further away from your house to store extra firewood. Keep firewood dry and covered and make sure to organize and clean your wood pile regularly to prevent visitors from taking up residence.

Keep Food Containers Closed

Once inside, mice may also be wearing out their welcome by getting into your kitchen, basement or garage if there is food. Food containers should be secure and equipped with tightly-fitting lids to help prevent mice from having a food source.

If you have pets, don’t keep pet food outdoors where mice are able to access it. A better option is to store pet food and other items in plastic containers with lids. Clean up spills and other food messes as soon as possible to prevent mice from flocking to the leftovers.

Mice Removal That Works

Homeowners have to be strategic with pest control in Vaughan, especially if there is a mouse problem. Mice may be trying to get into your home through your fireplace, so it’s time to make a plan to secure that space. It can be dangerous and ineffective to attempt to secure your fireplace and chimney yourself. Truly Nolen Canada can help homeowners with this problem and develop viable solutions.

Let the team at Truly Nolen Canada come out and help you rodent-proof your home. We can inspect your chimney, fireplace and other areas of your home to determine if there is a mouse infestation and then create an action plan to remove them.