Vaughan Pest Control: Will A Mouse Climb On You In Your Sleep?

Will A Mouse Climb On You In Your Sleep_

An infestation of mice is scary enough on its own, at least until you call for rodent removal in Vaughan. The thought of mice crawling over you when you are asleep and vulnerable in bed may be enough to keep you up at night, especially if you have a fear of the tiny critters. If it helps you sleep any better, the likelihood of a mouse crawling into your bed and climbing on you while you sleep is generally low. However, it is possible, and it may make it more likely under certain circumstances.

Can Mice Climb on Beds?

Mice do have the ability to climb up on beds if they want to. Their paws are very dextrous and strong, making them excellent climbers. They can climb up just about any surface, and if there are blankets and sheets hanging over the side of the bed, they shouldn’t have any trouble scaling them as though they were a ladder. They may have to put more effort into climbing up on a bedframe, especially if it is made of metal, but if it is wood, the mice can manage more easily. Mice also have the ability to jump up about a foot in the air from the ground level. In most cases, this will not get them up on your bed, but it may get them close enough to the top that they can climb up the rest of the way.

Do Mice Climb on Beds?

Though mice have the ability to climb on beds, it is rare that they actually do so. Mice are prey animals, so they tend to avoid large creatures that could be potential predators as much as possible. You may worry that while you are in bed sleeping, you may look less threatening to a mouse. That may be true, but mice have multiple keen senses that help them identify potential predators. While you may not look dangerous while you are asleep, mice can use smell to identify you as a large animal and potential predator.

While mice usually do not climb on beds, they may make an exception if there is something up there that they really want. Most often this is food. A mouse’s sense of smell allows it to identify even small amounts of food. If you eat in your bed, you may leave crumbs behind, and a hungry mouse may overcome its fear of you to collect the crumbs while you are sleeping. Another reason why mice might climb on you in your sleep is that you are in the way of where it wants to go, and climbing over the bed would be the shortest route to get there.

How Can You Keep Mice Out of Your Bedroom?

Mice are unlikely to climb on you when you sleep unless they are already in the bedroom. The best way to keep them out is by not giving them a reason to stay. Mice are attracted to food and shelter, so if you keep your bedroom tidy and uncluttered and do not store or consume food there, it makes a less attractive home for a mouse. Look around your room for small holes or openings where a mouse could get in, and if you find any, block them off. Don’t underestimate a mouse’s ability to squeeze into very small spaces; they only need a hole a quarter-inch wide to get in. If you suspect an infestation in your house, have a professional rodent inspection performed for confirmation and possible solutions.

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