Waterloo Pest Control: 4 Habits Mother Mice do to Protect Babies

Mother Mice do to Protect Babies

Mice are some of the busiest species of the rodent family when it comes to having and raising babies. When two mice enter your home looking for food and a warm place to nest, they will waste little time breeding and because a mother mouse may get pregnant half a dozen times a year or more, you might soon find your home invaded by these enterprising animals. At Truly Nolen, we can help you with rodent removal in Waterloo and offer some interesting information about how mother mice raise their babies, including how their habits help them manage such large and frequent litters. 

1. They Build Secure Nests 

Mother mice build nests out of several different materials they find inside and outside of your home. Grass, hay, bits of fabric and even dryer lint all make for a soft, warm nest. The mother mouse typically builds the nest in a dark, quiet area, away from predators and people. Some of the most common areas are attics, crawlspaces and connected garages. Mother mice choose locations where the nest is not visible and may build nests under clutter, in old clothing or in discarded boxes. Keeping these areas clean may help discourage mother mice from setting up their homes in these areas. 

2. They Enlist Help

Once baby mice are born, the mother mouse receives help rearing the children, something uncommon with other rodent species. The father mouse, along with older females from previous litters, gather food and guard the nest when the mother goes out to forage for food and water. The female uses her scent glands to keep the male close by, where he can watch for predators. 

3. They Move Their Litters Around

Once a mouse mom has her babies, she might move them around to several other nests she built nearby to confuse or trick predators, such as your cat or dog. Baby mice drink their mother’s milk for at least three weeks and during this time they are quite helpless, so the mother moves them from nest to nest for greater protection. 

4. They Fight Enemies Physically

Mother mice are some of the most protective and brave in the rodent world when it comes to protecting their babies. They will actively fight intruders to protect their nests and babies and even kill smaller predators, such as spiders that hunt along the ground instead of making webs. If you come across a mouse nest, it is a good idea to avoid handling the babies or trying to trap the mother, as she can deliver a painful bite and will not hesitate to defend her babies. 

We Help With Rodent Inspections 

If you discover mice in your Waterloo home and want to avoid the problems they may cause, our experienced technicians can come and inspect your property. Once they confirm the presence of mice litters, they will walk you through a formulated plan to ensure the removal of these animals, as well as actions that can prevent them from entering your home in the future. 

Once our technicians remove live mice and their nests, they will inspect your home inside and out to locate any entrances mice may be using. Like other rodents, they tend to create their own paths and take food to their nests, where it is more accessible to nursing mothers. Our technicians will seal any holes or cracks and provide you with other information about how to keep your home free of mice, such as managing clutter in your attic and keeping your kitchen countertop free of leftover food and crumbs. 

While mice mothers are dedicated to their children, the speed at which they mate and rear pups can cause a serious infestation in your home. Contact us today for rodent removal and let Truly Nolen in Waterloo help you keep your home free of mice and the damage they can cause.