Waterloo Pest Control: Avoid A Mouse Infestation This Summer With These Tips

Waterloo Pest Control Avoid A Mouse Infestation This Summer With These Tips!

As the weather changes, mice begin looking for food and a place to escape the heat, and to them, your house is the perfect sanctuary. If they get inside, mice can chew through valuables and bring in diseases. Don’t wait until you’re scrambling for rodent removal in Waterloo to protect your home from unwelcome pests. Start learning how to get rid of mice for good with these simple tips. 

Eliminate Clutter

When a mouse is outside, it’s looking for things that can shelter it from predators. It sees overgrown bushes and grass as the perfect cover. If those long branches and grass grow close to your property, then you may have mice living right outside your door.

Plants are not the only source of clutter outside that can lure in animals. A pile of dead leaves or children’s toys can be just what vermin are looking for as they are seeking shelter. The more objects you have in your yard, especially close to your house, the more likely a mouse will be to sneak inside your home.

When you keep your space tidy, you eliminate a place where a mouse will feel concealed from predators, which means the mice won’t stay. Here are a few easy ways to stop pests from seeking protection in your yard or house:

  • Keep your bushes and grass trimmed
  • Regularly clean your yard and porch
  • Get rid of piles of wood, leaves, or toys

Clean Up Food 

Garbage bins can be the perfect place for rodents to find their next meal. Once they smell food and discover an opening in the trash, they can root through your garbage and make a mess of the bin. To prevent this intrusion, seal and lock your garbage bin and secure it upright so that it won’t fall over because of the wind or an animal. 

Mice can also discover fruit or vegetables that are in your garden. If you can, plant your garden away from your house so that mice will not be led back to your home. 

Rodents can be drawn to food inside, too. It can be easy for you to let dishes pile up when you get busy, but did you know that the smell of food on dirty plates can entice a hungry mouse looking for a quick meal? Washing your dishes regularly will get rid of leftover food that sits around and will ensure that vermin won’t see your home as a food pantry. 

Once a mouse realizes it can get food from you, it won’t want to leave, so it’s important to stop mice from being able to access their targeted food source, whether inside or outside. Here are additional things you can do to make your property less enticing to rodents:

  • Don’t leave pet food sitting inside or outside
  • Get professional rodent control services to protect your garden
  • Don’t store food in an area (such as the garage) that an animal can easily access
  • Clean your grill and tables after cooking or eating outside

Learn More About Rodent Removal in Waterloo

If rodents are still getting into your home even after you follow all these steps, you may have other issues that are best solved by experts. Our Truly Nolen team can inspect your house to find small entrance holes and seal them up to keep out vermin, and you can trust that our methods are environmentally safe. Learn more about how to get rid of mice and other unwanted visitors by checking out our pest control services. When you need rodent removal in Waterloo, look no further than Truly Nolen.