Top 3 Pests People Consider the Worst

Top 3 Least Favourite Pests

It’s just as well we aren’t trying to write a post about the Top 3 Pests that People Consider the Best! The truth is that just about everybody hates pests, especially when they make their way into our homes. They can bring bacteria and infection inside with them, and they’ll create a huge mess when they do. Pests can steal our food, damage the piping in our homes and their nests are capable of damaging our walls, attics, and chimneys. Some of them can even eat our homes inside out – quite literally!

So, as you may have guessed, in today’s article we’re going to talk about pests. We’re going to talk about the top three pests that people hate to find in their homes. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply creeped out, become unwell or wake up with mysterious bites as a result–these are the pests people consider the worst. Luckily, no matter how much you hate them, Truly Nolen can deal with any pest you come across.

1.Bed Bugs

It’s no surprise that bed bugs are one of the three worst pests that people can find in their home. These tiny insects are a dreadful pest because they’re famously difficult to get rid of. They can be extremely difficult to even see and unfortunately, human blood is pretty much their only food source.

Frustratingly, most people aren’t aware that they even have a bed bug problem until they wake up with the distinguishable small red bites on their skin. People also assume that bed bugs are only found inside mattresses and bed frames. It’s an easy mistake to make, but these blood-hungry pests will, in fact, crawl into your luggage, your clothing, and other household furniture.

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, so they spread fast and cause sleepless nights wherever they go. Professional pest control is normally required to remove them completely.

2. Cockroaches

In terms of pests that many of us will find ‘gross’, cockroaches are top of the charts. Most of us dread seeing a roach scuttle across our kitchen floor and underneath the cupboards. They’re capable of carrying bacteria and infection, and again they’re notoriously difficult to remove completely. They steal our food and when they do, they’ll infect it.

Cockroaches will feed on just about anything and come winter, they’ll look to find shelter inside your home. Just when you think you’ve restricted access to everything else, they’ll feed on your pet food and even paper and clothing to survive.

3. Rodents

Rodents are also considered one of the worst pests to find inside your home. Rats and mice are both incredibly intelligent animals, and many people fail to appreciate this when they’re tackling an infestation. They carry all sorts of bacteria, infest and infect your food and reproduce insanely fast.

Rodents are a huge problem because they don’t survive in the wild – rats especially rely on human beings for their survival. When the temperatures start to drop, both rats and mice will take advantage of any opportunity to get inside your warm home. They’ll sneak through tiny holes, climb through pipes and find access into attics for warm insulation. They’re so persistent that they’ll chew through any electrical wires in their way causing possible fire hazards and giving you even more headaches to deal with.

Let Truly Nolen Deal With Your Pests

Whether you’re dealing with your least favourite pest or your favourite one (does anybody really have a favourite?), Truly Nolen can help. We’ve been removing pests from Canadian homes since 1938 and we’ve dealt with them in every situation imaginable.

If you find bed bugs, cockroaches or rodents in your home then give us a call. We’ll remove your pests quickly and efficiently and make sure that you won’t be seeing them again.