Effective Tips To Control Pest Problems For Your Commercial Customers

Effective Tips To Control Pest Problems For Your Commercial Customers

There is always a risk of a pest infestation regardless of whether you are at home or at work. Spending at least 8 hours at work and practicing certain activities and actions will likely result in a pest infestation sooner or later. Examples of such activities involve eating lunch at your desk, leaving unsealed drinks on the desk, improper waste management, irregular facility and even office pantry maintenance. All of these can attract various pests to the work site, which almost always requires professional commercial pest control services.

What To Do If You Are In Need Of Pest Control Services?

There are several steps that the professional pest control experts follow when there is a possible infestation in commercial environments. These include:

• Inspection;
• Identification;
• Determination;
• Control & prevention;
• Communication with the customer.

An Inspection Of The Premises

A customer interview needs to take place before the actual visual inspection. Examining the site log book in detail is crucial for determining the problem, planning a course of action, implementing it and opting for any follow up that might be necessary. During the inspection process, the key goals are to locate the food sources and entry points. It is best that the customer be present and participate in the inspection.

Identification Of The Pest

In this step, it is crucial to determine the type of insect as well as any conducive conditions that might have helped cause the infestation. Organic debris is one example of such conditions. It is also important to search and examine crevices and cracks in which insects may hide. This step is essential for determining an effective control plan.

Determining A Plan Of Action

This is when it is necessary to take into account the customer’s needs and formulate a plan of action accordingly. For example, most customers will consider the matter urgent if there are venomous insects involved. Creating a plan of exclusionary activities and the eradication of existing pests is essential. In addition to a general preventative program, the treatment methods are based on the type of previously identified insects.

Control & Prevention Of The Infestation

In this step, it is time to execute everything previously planned. This means applying the various treatment methods and materials meticulously and carefully. While doing so, making sure to be respectful of the customer’s environment and doing a complete clean up before leaving.

Communication With The Customer

Communication during all the previous steps is very important. The experts will make sure to continually monitor the environment until the infestation has been completely resolved. Complete customer satisfaction is the number one priority.

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