When is the Right Time to Call Pest Control Experts?

Rodents and other creepy crawly pests are some of the most unwanted and unwelcome house guests that you could ask for. Well, you never really have to ask as these guys. They automatically make their way to your home as the temperature starts to drop and the seasons begin to change. Attics and basements are the ideal hangouts for these desperate pests, and the reason why a reliable pest control professional is necessary once your home has been taken under siege. Aside from the additional stress that these pests create, they have the immense power to cause structural damage to your property, while at the same time spreading diseases and causing allergic reactions. Once your home has been taken a hostage, calling your Truly Nolen pest control professionals is your best option to rid yourself of these additional guests. If any of the following signs are seen in and around your house, you should call your Truly Nolen professionals immediately, as they are sure-fire signs of a pest infestation.


Droppings – Pest droppings that they leave behind are one of the most accurate indicators of a pest control problem. Droppings are most commonly found in the basement and attic, and can also be found behind the fridge or even under the stove. Now although cockroaches and rodents are not all that harmful to humans, they do carry and spread diseases that could be potentially harmful to you, your family, and your pets.

Awkward Sounds – Scratching, gnawing, and squeaking are all sounds associated with rodents and their hyperactive activities, usually heard at night, are indicative of a problem. Mice, rats, bats, wasps, and bees all have the potential to disrupt your peace of mind, making your life at home a little more stressful, and downright unpleasant.

Property Damage – Rodents are the biggest and most likely to cause your home some property damage, as well as damage to your belongings. Chewing through boxes and cardboard, contaminating food, and chewing electrical wires, they are perfectly poised to cause thousands in structural damages. If these signs are prevalent in your home, you could very well have a problem that needs some professional attention and expertise.

Bite Marks – Although relatively harmless to humans, an insect bite can be a painful experience, and one that leaves you in some discomfort and possible agony. Bees and wasps are two such insects. A mild rash or red spot may be present after an insect bite and maybe a tell-tale sign of an undetected insect infestation in your home. Getting your property checked out by your Truly Nolen professionals will ensure that no mystery bites are found on you again.


Small pests or large, it makes no difference. An infestation of any kind within the confines of your own home is a complete invasion of your space, putting both your home and your family at risk. Being tough and rugged Canadian’s, homeowners are often tempted and have attempted, to get rid of invasive pests on their own, the vast majority of them without much-lasting success. Pest control is somewhat of an art form and is something that Truly Nolen knows inside and out. Our unique Four Season Approach to pest control is a revolution within the industry, setting Truly Nolen a step above the rest. Not only are you assured to have your pest problem professionally solved, but this unique approach also adapts as their behaviour changes, making this approach the most effective on the market today.