Why Rats Aren’t Worth the Risk

Why Rats Aren't Worth the Risk

Finding even a single rat in your home can raise a lot of concern as these pests are certainly not ideal neighbours. These rodents often enter homes during cold weather using surprisingly small cracks or holes. They can even swim through sewers and enter through drains and toilets, hence the common name “sewer rat.” When you spot one of these creatures, you may feel unsettled and unsure of what to do. Is one rat a big deal? Won’t it just go away on its own? Most importantly, don’t panic when you spot a rat as this issue can be effectively addressed through rodent inspection and control; however, it is vital to not ignore the problem. Consider a few of the dangers of sharing your space with rats and what our team at Truly Nolen Canada can do to help.

Health Risks

One of the foremost negative consequences of having rats milling about is that they can spread diseases. Unfortunately, rats frequently seek out food sources in your kitchen and pantry, meaning they have the potential to carry harmful bacteria or viruses into your food storage and preparation areas. Even if you keep a clean kitchen, rats are able to gnaw through packaging and boxes in order to access nutrients.

Though rats eating your food is certainly a problem, the droppings they leave behind and the fleas they may carry can present even greater risks. When humans consume foods or beverages that have come into contact with rat feces, it is possible to contract what is known as salmonellosis. There are also many other infections that rats and their fleas can cause. On top of all this, rats have been known to bite people, which may result in serious injury.

Property Risks

In addition to having negative health consequences, rats may cause significant damage to your belongings as they go about their day-to-day business. For example, rats are quite non-discriminatory when it comes to finding materials to make nests. This means that any paper or fabric throughout your home could be gnawed at and used for nest-building. Sometimes rats can even chew through structural elements of your home, such as wires or drywall. Some of this damage may present a fire hazard.

Rapid Population Growth

Though it may be true that a single rat would cause minimal damage to your home, rats can multiply rapidly. Baby rats usually mature within a matter of weeks and litters can give rise to as many as 14 new progenies. This means that a small number of rats may become a large population in less than a year.

By carefully examining any evidence they leave behind, you can often estimate how many rats you are dealing with and whether they are still present. For example, keep an eye out for the footprints they may leave along walls or other spaces where they commonly run. Additionally, if you frequently spot new droppings or chew marks, the rat population is most likely growing rather than subsiding. If you spot rats on the move during the day, this may indicate that there is a large number of them living in the same area.

At Truly Nolen Canada, we understand that you want your home to be a safe, healthy and rodent-free space. This is why we offer rodent inspection and control services. We take a multifaceted approach that addresses the current problem while also preventing a future infestation from occurring. This involves trapping rats, getting rid of the fleas and pests they may carry and even locating the passages rats use to enter your home. Contact our team today to reclaim your space and ensure it is safe for you and your family.