Markham Pest Removal: Why Do Carpenter Ants Like Trees?

Why Do Carpenter Ants Like Trees_

It’s common to see different types of ants in your yard. Most ants are harmless and can actually be beneficial to your grass and the ecosystem. When you spot large black ants on or around the trees on your property, there may be a problem with carpenter ants. Carpenter ants can be destructive to your trees and property. Truly Nolen Canada offers carpenter ant removal so you can prevent your trees from getting damaged or destroyed.

What Attracts Them to Trees

Carpenter ants get their name from their preferred habitat, trees. They also like to nest in tree stumps and other types of wood. Carpenter ants don’t eat the tree material. Instead, they chew through the wood to create large nests where they can breed and take shelter.

Carpenter ants forage for food and eat other types of insects and sweet substances. The ants often choose trees that are rotting or already dead because the softer wood is easier to chew. Once they get inside the tree, they may dig tunnels and chambers for nests.  

What a Carpenter Ant Infestation Looks Like

There are usually signs of a carpenter ant infestation in the home or around a tree. One clue that you may have a carpenter ant problem is when you see piles of sawdust material near a tree or a wooden feature in your home, such as a baseboard or window sill. You may also see large black ants congregating around the tree or nearby.

Carpenter ants sometimes leave shed wings near their nest as well. The tree or wood fixture may also emit quiet rustling sounds if it is infested with carpenter ants. Inside the carpenter ant nest, there may be a parent colony with the queen and her brood. There may also be satellite colonies of carpenter ants of workers, mature larvae and pupae. 

How an Infestation Impacts Your Trees

A carpenter ant infestation may affect the trees on your property if it isn’t quickly dealt with. If you have older trees in your yard that have any sign of disease or decay, they may attract a colony of carpenter ants.

These ants often choose trees that already have some damage or hollow parts so they can access the tree’s moisture. Once inside and nesting, they may chew through more of the tree’s wood, leaving its structure and stability vulnerable.

How To Get Carpenter Ants Out of a Tree

To get carpenter ants out of a tree in your yard, you’ll need professional assistance. A carpenter ant may have multiple nests that are deep inside one individual tree. Professionals have the necessary tools and chemicals that can access the core of the tree and safely remove the nesting insects. They can also treat the tree more effectively depending on the severity of the infestation.

Professional Carpenter Ant Removal

Truly Nolen Canada can assist homeowners with removing carpenter ants from the trees in their yard. Our company can also help with removing carpenter ants from nesting spots in your home, such as the attic, basement or deck. When you need pest control in Markham, we provide timely, quality service that protects your family and home. If you think you have carpenter ants, we can come out and inspect the situation and make a plan to remedy the problem. It’s important to take action right away if you think you see carpenter ants so they don’t burrow deeper into your trees or wooden fixtures and cause even more devastating damage.

Keep your wood and trees from becoming infested with a destructive colony of carpenter ants with our removal and prevention services. Our team of technicians can locate and remove the nest and help stop more damage.